Infidelity Rocks State House as Swazi Reed Dance Girl replaces Esther

Zambian Republican President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his wife, Esther Lungu, are reportedly having serious marital problems and the first lady has threatened to vacate state house if the situation is not resolved.

Reliable State House sources have disclosed that Esther Lungu is fed up with the President’s behaviour as he has not been spending nights at State House, instead is sleeping at State lodge where he is entertaining his Swazi mistress.

It is alleged that Lungu whilst in Swaziland at the Reed ceremony with King Mswati also picked a young girl as a wife who has now literally moved to the State Lodge where Lungu is spending most of the nights.

The First Lady is very miserable as she is literally staying alone at the state house whilst the President is enjoying his drinking and dancing escapades at State Lodge with his mistress and friends.

On Sunday evening the situation got out of hand with the First Lady threatening to leave State House. This playboy attitude of President Lungu has riled the First Lady who now wants a divorce.

This situation has forced Lungu to abandon his official visit to Muchinga province where he was scheduled to travel yesterday.

The advance team in Muchinga got the news with shock when they were informed that the President had cancelled the trip. The source said security personnel in Muchinga feel that Lungu is the most wasteful and playful Head of State (after FTJ and RB) Zambia has ever had.

The security men who sought anonymity said that they had already spent their allocation as they had already travelled to Muchinga. They felt that the President should not take Zambians for granted.

“In the past 3 months State House has been busy spending time and money on President Lungu’s extra marital affairs which is not only unfair to Esther but also to the people of Zambia as well.

Esther is said to have angrily left for Kitwe in the company of Education Minister, Prof. Nkandu Luo on other official business in order to just get away from State House.

This apparently didn’t sit well with the President as he felt this would strongly dent his reputation and office.

“She is very unhappy and feels embarrassed by her husband play boy behaviour.” Senior State House staff have been pleading with Esther not to abandon statehouse but instead just continue working as First Lady and making money. It is said that the First Lady has amassed wealth through her Saudi connections and other business men that she has been introduced to her as First Lady.

President Lungu is the worst President that Zambia has ever had and we wish that parliament would impeach him”, said the sources.

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