Zambia Under Worst Governance Ever-ECL

397381-Zambian_president_Edgar_Lungu_during_his_visit_to_the_new_Suez_Canal_Axis_on_Wednesday_Nov.15_–_press_photo_1The current PF led government has seen the worst statistics Zambia has even experienced since independence. The overall performance results of the PF led government cannot therefore be expected to be any different from poorest statics Zambia has ever experienced as a nation. The obvious deduction reflects the most uncoordinated and most unfocused regime Zambia has ever seen. The clear un debatable statics so far include but not limited to the 27 listed here:

  1. Worst Governance Ever
    • Worst presidential behavior by all standards of a person holding the highest office in the land.
    • Worst un-serious president on national issues
    • Worst drunkard president Zambia has ever seen
    • Worst cadre like, ignorant and most arrogant cabinet ministers ever appointed in the land under the sun
    • Worst constitutionally aligned government ever by abrogating the constitution with impunity
    • Most un-trusted government Zambians have ever had
    • Carrying the Worst corruption statistics Zambia has ever experienced with mere ambulances AN-AMBULANCE-navigates-its-way-on-the-Kabwe-Ngabwe-road-in-Chief-Mukubwe-990x1192costing $258,000 each unit against a sober world price of 70-90 thousand dollars per unit, with simplistic fire engines costing $ 1.0 Million each against a sober price of about $180,000, threatened Road cost of $1.2 Billion for  a 320 KM Ndola- Lusaka at $3.75 Million per kilometer plus many more undisclosed, who knows where Felix Mutati got the loans from to fiance all this corruption Talk Show Mutati
    • The most laying government promising everything they can dream of and delivering nothing 500’000 jobs, constitution in 90 days, lowered fuel prices to about K5.00 per litre from Saudi Arabia, more money in people`s pockets, 
  1. Worst Violence
    • Worst pre-electoral electoral and post-electoral violence the nation has ever experienced. Where innocent persons have been injured and in some instances killed for being members of an opposition party
    • Worst police involvement and abuse of human right to an extent of killing fellow Zambians in cold blood
    • Worst trumped up charges against the opposition members and absurd charges that are senseless
    • Worst application of the Public Order Act 
  1. Worst Economy 
    • Worst performing economy Zambians have ever experienced
    • The worst tax regime ever employed in Zambia
    • Worst kwacha exchange rate now settled and averaging at about K10’000 (Old Currency)
    • Worst non sensitive electricity tariffs ever applied since independence
    • Worst fuel pump price ever experienced in Zambia
    • Worst debt position the nation has ever gotten to.
    • Worst managed food management
    • Worst farmer implements provisions to curb imports of food into the land
    • Worst land distributors by selling large chunks of land to foreigners
    • Worst managers of natural resources where mukula trees are now personalized instead of being nationalized 
  1. Worst Services
    • Worst health services ever seen in the country. Systems are changed without thinking through thoroughly of the consequences.
    • Worst cholera outbreak in the land
    • Worst education standards ever reached in Zambia where no positivity is created for the youths
    • Most Divisive Government for the people of Zambia where persons are retired in tribal interest far from national interest
    • Least sensitive government ever for its people

Zambians have noted with sadness, that the earlier no vision declaration by Edgar Chagwa Lungu, was not mere words, but rather factual and the fruits of a non-existent vision are now fully blown out for all to see. The poor performance of the PF sets the worst record low as the worst party to to lead government and preside over Zambians.

And the man even boasts of robbing the same Zambians of an election.


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    March 30, 2018 at 6:33 pm #

    Be a better informed Zambian

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