Ready to RIG 2021 to the Tune of USD 1.0 Billion – Mwamba

EM1Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba has revealed that the PF have sourced and put aside a staggering amount of One Billion American Dollars ($ 1.0 Billion) to ensure the PF retains power in the 2021 Presidential elections, with or without Edgar Lungu.
Several sources in Government have confirmed that Mwamba has been openly talking about the scheme in South Africa and when he’s here in Zambia. It is not known where the money which already seems to be available has been sourced from.
Emmanuel Mwamba and many in PF including Lungu believe that the stakes are too high for the PF to lose and that the party has reached a point of no return to hand over power to any other party.
The ‘point of no return’ Mwamba seems to be referring to is the alarming levels of corruption in the PF which will lead most of them into jail should another political party ascend to power. He feels the only way out in which to stay out of trouble is the PF’s continued stay in Government.
He says the party is willing to buy the whole judiciary, legislature, ECZ, the Police, Army and even the opposition senior members, to ensure the PF stays put.
There are several indications and reports that senior UPND law makers have already been recruited and are already eating as they continue to undermine their President.
One area the PF want to clandestinely finance is the UPND National  Convention by sponsoring rogue candidates and hundreds of ordinary members to cause confusion and break up the party. It is expected that after the Convention, these ‘aggrieved’ candidates will rush to court to apply for injunctions and counter injunctions to ensure the matters are not resolved until after 2021 in which case PF will have been ‘elected’ back into power. The court cases will be heard by the PF sponsored Judges who will drag them for long periods of time and then rule in favour of the UPND renegades.
This court plan by the PF sponsored UPND candidates will be similar to the MMD’s Nevers Mumba/ Felix Mutati impasse where there were  two Presidents in one party.
Emmanuel Mwamba’s US$1Billion startling revelations may confirm recent narratives by Edgar Lungu that as long long he lives, Hakainde Hichilema will never enter State House.
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