Sad of UPND Sellouts

Litombi Mavumbu Writes

As alluded by one opposition party leader, I am increasingly getting more and more frustrated, discouraged and disappointed with the ever repeating and unending rumours that some of our UPND leaders are actually in league with cruel and insensitive PF.

They do this to slow us down as a party so that they can continue receiving their little privileges that have been extended to them by their PF counter parts.

This is divisive, selfish, uncaring, & and incredibly costly to the millions of suffering Zambians. This is true (smoke without fire) is totally unacceptable. But as history always has had it right, it will not be long, one of these days they will be exposed and when that happens, the people you have been deceiving shall not look at you with mercy for you will have proved as accomplices to these killing maniacs who neither have respect for themselves or others for that matter.

With the many people who are suffering today, you are busy tampering and toying with these little handouts from these selfish vultures. How incredibly selfish are you then? Look at yourselves and for once think twice, this is absolute betrayal. We shall request for a signal of how to deal with you when that time comes.

Disgruntled member – Litombi

2 Comments on “Steven Kampyongo answered as to who Mmusi Maimane really is.”

  1. ZambianWatchdog
    June 2, 2017 at 9:18 am #

    The Watchdog had a difficult time in trying to get decent pictures for Kampyongo, but had a challenge to choose from the numerous pictures from images of Mmusi Maimane

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  2. Lungowe
    June 2, 2017 at 7:18 pm #

    Who really is kampyongo mwe bantu? This guy was actually a katondo street vendor selling illegal monies and stealing from the innocent? And this is the guy who is in charge of Home Affairs and as a Cabinet Minister in Zambia? Really Zambia? Nangu bututu, this is just way way below the belt. Shame really. At times I wished some bits of this news was completely false…. But alas it seems true.

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