Thieving Zesco MD now builds a Church in Kafue – Zambia

VM4In the quest to try to cover up or have his thieving sins washed away, now thieving Zesco MD, Victor Mundende is building a multi-million church in Kafue district of Lusaka Province. Mundende embarked on the church construction of a church in Kafue. The church is being constructed at a lightning speed in the quest to quickly hide the source of funds. The PF looting government has allowed thieving to be Christianized. Mr. Victor Mundende is building a church using one of the contractors who have secured a contract with ZESCO. Ironically, the church structure is situated next to Kafue Police Station.

VM5Where can a single individual get all the required resources to build such a large church single-handedly? This is a serious questions Zambians and even those who accepted this illicit gift must ask themselves. It is certainly immoral for that church also to accept illicit funding such as these. It is clear that Mundende either used his position after getting adequate kick-backs and lavish funds from a contractor that he decided to go spiritual by directing these resources meant for him to the church. These are stolen funds like it or not, they point to bribery and serious corruption in the PF led government. Under the PF leadership, Zambians heading thefts are praised while decent individuals are continually being sidelined.

It is not clear which project is linked to the funds used to construct this church. Truth is that it must be one of the constructing firms doing work for ZESCO Limited. Our sources specifically indicated that it is a Chinese company spearheading the construction of this unholy structure. If the company really meant well, it would have directed the excess resources into ZESCO, not towards an individual who is just a public servant sitting in the position of influence. There are over 3,000 employees in ZESCO Limited, that resource would have been shared among them all either through enhancing and strengthening their systems or conditions of service or training.

VM1In the same clandestine manner, former Minister of Energy “Pastor” Mabumba had a house build at lightning speed in a few months of being minister of energy using a contractor for the Tanzania-Zambia Mafuta Oil Company (Tazama) Limited. Mabumba without shame still goes round fronting the word of God while looting the national treasury. He was swiftly removed from the ministry of energy and now perhaps he has clusters of schools being constructed under his name for himself.

But to have one individual hijack the opportunity and steal from the public, is not only immoral but also wretched. Like his mentor, Mutaware, who got a gift of land from Swaziland, by virtue of being president, too stole from the public, equally Mundende has stolen and tried to be cleanse himself by offering the illicit gift to the church. In protection, soon Dora Siliya may come through the construction of this church as he did for the gift of land for Mutaware.

It is still not clear if the same contractor who is building a Hotel for the thieving MD Victor Mundende in Shimabala, is the same ones now building this unholy structure.

The dogs have come to reign mother Zambia and it is clear things shall never get better as long as the pompwes (thieves) remain in power and continue to loot with impunity.

One Comment on “Thieving Zesco MD now builds a Church in Kafue – Zambia”

  1. ZambianWatchdog
    August 6, 2018 at 5:47 pm #

    What the hell is this guy thinking, stealing and funding the church with stolen monies???


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