The Kalomo Nurse Saga Linked to State-House

The woman at the centre of the whole controversy in Kalomo who claimed Mr. Munsaka the nurse refused to treat her child because she is Bemba is actually Tonga. She was born Esther Mudenda. Both her parents are Tonga. Her mother got married after a divorce got married to Mr. Silas Tembo. Later in life she adopted her step-father’s name.

Esther is married to Mr. Lumbeta an Ushi from Mansa. Her husband’s elder brother is Henry Lumbeta a former Ministry of Finance employ currently working at State House as a Chief Analyst. Esther is an employee of the Namwala district council a job she got courtesy of Mr. Moses Musenge the Southern Patriotic Front Provincial Treasurer who she is alleged to have an inappropriate relationship with.

This is not the first time Esther has threatened to make life difficult for somebody. Even at Namwala district council people know her as an arrogant PF carder and she is in the habit of threatening her workmates of making their life difficult. Recently she threatened the Town Clerk with a dismal when he wanted to charge her for taking an authorized 15 days leave to go see her family in Choma. She clearly told the Town Clerk that her husband’s brother Henry Lumbeta and Moses Musenge she claims is an uncle will ensure he is fired. The Town Clerk in turn referred the matter to the Provincial Minister. Not long after this complaint the Southern Province PF committee passed a vote of no confidence in the Dr. Hamukale the Minister and requested the President to fire him. Interesting the motion to have the minister fired was championed by Moses Musenge.

Actually what transpired on the material day is that Esther in a company of other patients, took her child to the clinic around 20 hrs. Male nurse comrade Munsaka was alone attending to patients that night, he came out to greet the patients, Munsaka was like ” Kwasiya buti nobantu” meaning good evening people. Esther responded to say ine shumfwa ichitundu mulelanda, munsaka said sure! Even a greeting madam? Then he smiled and went inside the clinic.

Esther faced criticism from some patients who knew her as Tonga from Kalomo.

One woman asked ” since when did you stop understanding Tonga,” Esther now vented her anger on the Nurse. Another person among patients said, “just because you are PF does not mean you are not Tonga learn to be proud of your mother tongue” These words were said in Tonga which she does not understand but simply because she wanted to go viral, her god made her understand the language.

Esther accused the clinic officer of not wanting to treat her Child until she speaks Tonga. She then started taking pictures of Munsaka at the clinic, Munsaka got surprised and asked” why are you taking pictures?” That’s how Esther got the video and posted it in a WhatsApp group called PF BELIEVER!

Munsaka is now suspended, even before he is asked to defend himself.

Be a better informed citizen.

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