New ZRA Uniforms Receive Public Condemnation

Besides the cost of procuring the same, there is a growing public backlash and resentment at the yet to be launched uniform of the ZRA Customs Department, with many people condemning its striped colours as resembling something out of the movie ‘Prison Break’. This is a shallow design or copy cat platter for the Zambian Government.

The uniform which impeccable sources say maybe unveiled tomorrow is meant to replace the white and blue attire which the department has been identified with, since Zambia’s independence from the British. This current uniform is also smart and in sync with the office of customs officers.

Many skeptics complain that the wearing apparel look like uniform for prisoners while others argue it resembles a poor imitation of bedsheets.

There has been no comments yet from the ZRA as would be expected since the suspicion of a corrupt procurement line may be revealed soon..

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