Theiving Zesco MD Builds a Church in Kafue !

vm6The embattled Victor Mundende has built a church in kafue. Sources state that the Seventh Day Adventist Church has benefitted from the insurmountable proceeds of corruption through Mr Victor Mundende who is the current ZESCO Managing Director.

It’s amazing that almost single-handedly Mundende engaged  some chinese contractors to construct a magnificent church in kafue, in hope that his looting-sins plus maybe forgiven by God. This attempted swap cannot work, for God is not fooled by criminals, he forgives sinners. A sharp reaction from some congregants at the material church imply that the church may be seen to be an accomplice in corruptly earned monies through Mr Victor Mundende the chief PF Cadre, MD for ZESCO and now know in the top layer of plunderers of state resources in the PF government.lusambo3

Zambia needs total hygiene, but sadly the powers that be, are themselves engulfed in drilling the nation right down under into the ground through plunder. Corruption is rampant and resource pilfering is at its highest level since 1964. The Auditor Generals’ reports are just ignored and shelved. And Lungu thinks he’s governing a nation. This is pathetic. All personnel associated with the PF high level have suddenly become rich to an extent that even thieves are now building churches, buying private jets, building numerous mansions amidst poverty for the many.

Just two days ago, Bowman Lusambo a former street cadre and now minister, was boasting of swimming in his own swimming pool. This is a dream come true  for Bowman, because he never ever imagined himself to be ever a minister. But under the cheap Lungu-PF-led government street boys like Kampyongo and Bowman have cheapened the government and its intrinsic composition. What a shame.

Zambia needs help and Zambia needs redemption from these plunderers who are focussed on embezzling everything from the poor after promising them more money in their pockets. But as history goes, Zambia shall be saved some day and not too far from now.


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