Lungu eyes Nawakwi for running mate, ZCID to endorse them.

Impeccable sources  have revealed that the ZCID will try as much as possible to ‘hang in there’ and maintain its relevance until 2020 when it will throw its weight behind one candidate and his running mate and evolve into an Alliance.

Sources close to the unfolding grand scheme say that immediately the promised funds start flowing in from an outside source, there is going to be heightened excitement and a wave after wave of statements will be released by the ZCID to endorse one candidate in a similar manner the opposition alliance are expected to do. The source further says if the pro UPND alliance pulls out of ZCID,  they will make things easier for the latter to carry out their objectives to rally behind one candidate.

Meanwhile the same PF source who spoke on condition of anonymity has revealed that Lungu is mulling picking FDD President Edith Nawakwi as his running mate in the 2021 Presidential elections and that it is therefore expected that she will disband her Party and join the PF. Nawakwi has reportedly received US$200,000 which she has invested in her farms. The money is said to have been donated to the PF by Indian businessmen through a company called Delta Energy.

The source says the deafening silence of the once vocal Nawakwi despite Lungu’s abuses of human rights, the crumbling economy and the Chinese domination is a testimony that she is in a secret league with him.

PF and Government agents have reportedly been making secret pilgrimages to Nawakwi’s residence and that she has visited Lungu on numerous occasions at State House.

To qoute Socrates “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” One wonders if Nawakwi is wahat Lungu needs in order to improve his political fortunes.



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