Nawakwi accuses opposition alliance of ambitions to unseat Lungu in 2021 and trashes the dialogue process launched by the Church.

President of the opposition FDD Party Edith Nawakwi has accused the opposition alliance of wanting to use the Church led dialogue as a vehicle to regime change in the 2021 Presidential elections.

The FDD President was speaking at a hastily arranged press conference at theTaj Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka yesterday. She was flanked by Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba, MMD factional leader Felix Mutati and Sakwiba Sikota of the United Liberal Party.

In a long rambling prepared speech, Nawakwi stunned her audience when she charged that the three Mother Bodies and the opposition alliance were conspiring to oust the incumbent President Edgar Lungu in 2021 elections and that dialogue and reconciliation talks were just a smokescreen to attain the objective.

She accused the alliance partners that include the UPND of sneaking in the Memorandum of understanding to the Bishops without prior approval of all parties involved. She said the MOU arising from the talks between the Alliance partners and political parties supporting the PF was delivered to the Bishops well in advance when it had been agreed that the document would be conveyed by Charles Milupi and Sakwiba Sikota the Co Chairs of the meeting.

She however admitted that the Memorandum of understanding found with the Bishops was the same as the one signed by the Co Chairs of the meeting.

Nawakwi described the launch of the Dialogue process at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross on 18th  January 2019 as a failure because she and her colleagues’ parties were not invited and that it was an attempt to promote the image of one political party, the UPND.

In the question and answer session, Nawakwi claimed that the dialogue process would not attain the intended purpose of legal reforms needed to deal with a lot of sticking points including the Public Order Act and electoral reforms. She accused the UPND MPs of deliberately delaying to push for bills necessary to change the law because their party was only interested in violence and G12 forms.

But in a sharp contrast to Nawakwi’s assertion, the Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba insisted that dialogue was necessary and that it was time for all Zambians to sit on a round table and brutally take part in a candid conversation at to the direction of the country.

He called on civil societies, the Church, politicians and ordinary Zambians to come together and take part in a national discussion and then only can there be genuine electoral reforms that would reflect the will of the people.

Meanwhile political observers are scratching their heads as to the core objective of the Nawakwi Alliance. Many commentators understand that the 10 Alliance Partners’ withdraw from the ZCID may have rendered the body latent and lacking credibility and the clout to fight the Alliance on behalf of the PF and President Edgar Lungu.

Sources close to the scheme disclose  that President Edgar Lungu has identified the Nawakwi Alliance having  necessary potency as all have the same core ambition; to be his running mate in 2021.

The dangling carrot theory is a savvy plot by Lungu to promote intense competition between the four new allies without offering any guarantee. It is consequently expected that the intensity in personal attacks on the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema by the Nawakwi Alliance will increase.

It is further disclosed that the four have been earmarked for a lot of cash that is funded by a known Indian Business family.

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