Edgar Lungu Vows to Stop HH in Sesheke

lusambo2Reports reaching us from the PF led ruling party regime are that Edgar Chagwa Lungu has vowed to stop HH from campaigning in the Sesheke Member of Parliament by-election. Chagwa is said to be jittery over the situation in the opposition’s stronghold  he ensues to achieve that parliamentary critical of MPs in Parliament to ensure that laws are changed in his favour before 2021 general elections.

Lungu is jetting directly from Addis Ababa straight to Livingstone. Without a break dash into Sesheke where he intends to impose his prominence as Head of State in the constituency. Sources say that Chagwa is desperate to the core over the upcoming by elections in two days.

It has also been said, that attempts by the PF infested Zambia Police, to cow away the masses and most importantly the Opposition Leader HH from the area have not yielded the desired result. It is proving too hard for the PF regime to overrun the strongest opposition party in the Sesheke constituency.

More news as it flow from Sesheke, Western Province, Zambia.

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