By-Election as Sesheke Votes in Zambia

Voting in Sesheke started at 06:00 hours with long queues at most polling stations. The UPND Candidate Kan’gombe is poised to win with a landslide. The people of Sesheke are angered by both the PF Police violence against them and the marginalization of the Lozi people by lungu’s administration. Lungu further insulted the Lozi people as late as a day prior to the elections, by dishing out hard cash to would be voters in a market.

The UPND has meanwhile deployed more youths at all polling stations to protect their votes and ensure that the PF Police and PF member do not intimidate or harass would be voters in the by election there.

In the polling booths the UPND are working secretly with some selected civil servants who are currently also working with the PF to ensure that PF are deliberately exposed when they try to rig the elections. The situation in the polling booths will be very tricky this time around for civil servants appointed to administer the elections as nobody is sure as to who us working for or against which party. There is a likelihood that any civil servant who shall be caught trying to rig the elections for the PF will be dealt with inside the polling booth as the UPND and the people of Sesheke are ready to protect their votes at all costs. The ECZ managers are under tight  surveillance by the voters who mostly are supporting the UPND.

Advice has been passed on to ECZ managers to act professionally or risk to be dealt with severely by the Mob of voters and UPND members who have been mobilized from across the province to safe guard their vote. There is nothing the PF can claim to be of leverage for their victory in Sesheke serve rigging.

Some PF thugs from Lusaka and the Copperbelt were by 03:00am this morning advised by the government security to leave Sesheke or risk being killed. Some have since left but some have not yet received the warning alert as they are in far polling stations and may get the information rather late.

This morning two PF foot soldiers were again struck by lightning and yet there were no rains and as a result the PF camp has been abandoned for fear of further misfortunes. Those struck have since been rushed to a nearby government clinic.

By this morning one teacher who is one of the presiding officers was heard phoning his fellow colleague conducting elections at a far polling station not to do whatever they had agreed as it was not safe and that some of the teachers appointed to conduct elections were spying for UPND.

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