Dictator Lungu annoyed with Sesheke loss, Orders for Opposition Brutality in Bahati and Roan by-elections – OP

Dictator Edgar Lungu today held a special meeting with his cabinet ministers and PF strategists at State House which lasted for over 10 hours.

Among the issues under discussion was the PF embarrassing loss of Sesheke parliamentary by-election to the opposition UPND, a source has revealed.

Lungu who could not hold his anger stated that him and his Asian friends and the Chinese who are getting government contracts had released K2 million (2 billion old currency) to secure the Sesheke parliamentary by-election seat but that it was disappointing to note that PF still lost.

Lungu is further dismayed that all the state machinery failed to stop the UPND campaigns and threatening people from voting using violence so that only a few could vote for PF.

Among the issues discussed also included the attempted assassination of the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and on this matter Lungu stated that it was disappointing to note that the State has again failed to water down this move as both local and international media including social media defeated the PF moves.

It was also discussed that the forthcoming by-elections in Bahati and Roan constituencies must be won at all costs and that the PF ministers must set up camp in the two areas.

It was also stated vote buying starting with chiefs must be higher on the agenda this time around.

All stalled projects in the two constituencies have to resume immediately so as to hoodwink voters.


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