Kachingwe is treacherous and cannot be trusted, he betrayed Rupiah Banda.

Major Richard Kachingwe is  treacherous, in debt and a money mongerer who cannot be trusted.

Kachingwe’s house in Silverest, Lusaka was not too long ago repossessed by the bank after he failed to service his loan.

This has placed the former MMD Secretary General in a precarious situation where he has thrown his loyalty out of the window just to be in good books with the ruling PF.

What the world needs to know is that this is not the first time that Kachingwe has betrayed someone close to him.

In 2015, Kachingwe betrayed Rupiah Banda and turned star witness in a case where the former President was charged with stealing $2.5 million via an oil deal with the Nigerian government.

Major Richard Kachingwe who was Deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria then testified against his former boss and confidant, Rupiah Banda.

The former President entrusted Maj Kachingwe as his special envoy, with  the responsibility of ensuring that the transaction goes through without any hitch

Major Kachingwe and Mr Ekpene from Nigeria were the ones who pushed for the contract to be executed but he decided to betray Rupiah Banda when he allegedly ropped in his son Henry Banda.

Kachingwe unashamedly decided to lay bare the suspicious and secretive dealings he had held under the tutelage of Rupiah Banda.

This is despite the fact that Kachingwe was fully involved in these clandestine dealings.

His utterances at the press conference should therefore be taken with a pinch of salt.

At no point does the statement issued by the Alliance state that his son was pictured with a gun. It’s only Kachingwe himself who insinuates that his son isn’t the one pictured with a gun assaulting a UPND member. The question is why is Kachingwe placing his son at the scene of the crime and at  the centre of the controversy. It’s most likely because he sees an opportunity to make money out of the episode.

As a matter of fact Major Kachingwe is not a card carrying member of the UPND, he is MMD and therefore his rantings in defending his violent adult son over a criminal act, has no bearing on the policies of the UPND.

Mpangwe Kachingwe is a close associate of Kaiser Zulu. Which person that close to Zulu can be perceived as ‘clean’ especially that he was sighted in the active company of PF militias in Western Province. How can a fly boast of being clean and hygenic than a rotting carcass of a hyena that it has just come from? Both are filthy and no amount of sanitizing will take away their sordid  sullied and foul character.

Major Kachingwe must not use UPND to launder Kaizer Zulu and his thuggish son. Let him ‘chew’ his money alone quietly and leave others out of it.

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