PF’S Intention to kill HH is not a far fetched claim.

By David Zulu.

Each time Hakainde Hichilema has laid out claims of PF’s intention to kill him, concerted efforts and enormous amount of resources have been employed and deployed by the PF propaganda machinery, to present HH as untruthful, unreliable and bent on fanning trouble and seeking attention to himself. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Its an undeniable fact that for a long time PF officials have openly spewed unbelievable hate and contempt on the leader of Zambia’s biggest opposition party almost unabated and with remarkable impunity.

In all this, criminal law has largely been mute and when Hichilema has taken it upon himself to seek relief in courts of law against such individuals, even such action which is within his constitutional right as a citizen, has always  been disdainfully met with derision and mockery from the PF Government and its surrogates.

In the history of post independence Zambia, perhaps Hakainde Hichilema has been the most abused and persecuted citizen in some cases by well coordinated stately powers and processes.

In this undertaking, nothing related or associated to Hichilema has been spared. His ethnicity has been deluged with hateful stereotypes never witnessed or experienced before, his cattle ranching business and his SDA religious background and even his family have been scandalized, severely attacked and mocked and his life has been in constant danger.

PF’s smokescreen anecdotes and explanations that Government is mighty and would have easily eliminated HH if they so wished is hollow and cheap. The definately agenda exists.

Hichilema has been accused of devil worshiping and being a free mason. He has been labeled as having sold the mines even though nothing of any sort has been proved.

As late as October last year, President Edgar Lungu addressed a political rally in Northern Zambia where he insinuated that Hichilema should not be trusted with the Presidency because he will sell Zambia to foreigners because he sold the mines in the privatization exercise in the 90s.

A few days later, the theory was spectacularly shot down by damming documented evidence that revealed that in fact President Edgar Lungu himself had been actively involved in the same process he was accusing his political archrival of.

Three years ago in a Radio interview with ‘Joy FM’ Radio station, PF Deputy Secretary General  Mumbi Phiri, stunned her interviewer and listeners when she uttered the following words, “I feel like vomiting whenever I hear the name ‘HH’ “.

Phiri had just returned from a highly publicized  State visit to the Vatican where she had accompanied President Edgar Lungu to meet the spiritual Head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis. The  State controlled broadcaster ZNBC lavishly showed Mumbi Phiri a ‘devout’ Catholic, ritually kissing the Pope’s hand with exuberance and pomp.

Prior to the bizzare and by any account dreadful statement, Mumbi Phiri coined the cynical ‘Kachema’ term maliciously describing Hichilema as only good as a cattle minder than a President of a country.

Two years ago, former Copperbelt Province  Deputy Minister Bowman Lusambo who’s currently the Lusaka Province Minister said the following words;

“If HH died today, there would be no loss to the Country, it will be a loss to his own family and tribe and not Zambia. I want doctors from Chainama to treat HH. He is suffering from mental disorders”.

But perhaps the most significant statement was the one uttered by former FDD top official who is the current PF Deputy Media Director Antonio ‘Mourinho’ Mwanza.

Addressing a press conference while  flanked by his boss Sunday Chanda and Minister Bowman Lusambo, Antonio Mwanza made the following statement;

“If the 127 days in prison was not enough we will now lock HH up and ensure he dies in prison”.

The 127 days Mwanza was referring to was the unbailable jail term Hichilema had been handed down for a traffic misdemeanor that bizarrely turned into a treason case. President Lungu succumbed to international pressure and released him without charge.

To arrest Hakainde Hichilema, his Lusaka East private residence was raided by police special forces wearing balaclavas and armed with automatic weapons stun grenades and teargas. The Police commandos knocked down pillars, broke down glass doors and windows while spraying the residence with teargas. After forcefully  accessing the house, they reportedly shot at chandeliers for sport, ransacked the house while allegedly helping themselves to food and hard currency.

Hichilema later revealed that he and his family hid in a bunker within the complex and that his asthmatic wife collapsed three times due to the toxic tear smoke.

In Shiwan’gandu while campaigning, Hakainde’s chopper was attacked with all kind of missiles as the pilot was executing landing procedures, which he abandoned and landed his aerial vehicle miles away from intended site.

Two weeks ago Hichilema was campaigning in Sesheke Western Zambia and whilst addressing a rally approximately 40km away from where President Edgar Lungu was addressing his, he was approached by police in SUVs who started discharging live fire and teargas over the peaceful crowd. Hichilema’s security reportedly evacuated him from the rally site into the bush where they hid for 8 hours. Hichilema insists the Police pursued them into the jungle and that he has evidence to that effect.

Many questions remain unexplored on the incident as the Police and the state have their own version but they have always had a conflicting side of the coin and we can only wait and see what will finally come out.

With all this evidence which is in the public domain, how can anyone doubt Hichilema’s claims about Government’s long held ambition to assassinate him?

Why would you assign a battalion of Police troops in the dead of the night  to raid a citizen who had never failed to answer a police summon anywhere in the Republic, if your intentions are not to harm him?

The above pattern of events is a valid record of Government’s deliberate and systematic policy of abuse of one of their citizens whose only crime is to exercise his constitutional right to seek for public office. This is a crime against humanity and must surely attract international judicial attention.

The common public view in the streets right now is that the only authority that will stop the PF’s impunity to abuse citizens using their  thugs and the Police is the ICC in the Hague. The Kenyans and the Sudanese Governments behave themselves now because of the intervention of the International courts. Zambia would not be an exception.

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