Lying, Looting PF Government

The recent fuel pump price reduction must not be confused with goodwill or economic growth by the PF government. The PF government is good at misleading and confusing  ordinary people for political expediency. They reduce the fuel pump price with a small margin on one hand and shall later slap citizens with a much higher increase than the reduced amount in order to overrun the earlier expensive pump price.

This PF government has done that before, as a matter of fact, more times than once in the 8 years of their misrule. This of course is meant to hoodwink and cheat the unsuspecting public.

Whoever knew fuel would ever cost above $1 a litre but under the PF this is normal. We should therefore not be misled by this lying, corrupt and crooked PF government. They are trying to divert people’s  attention from the criminal transaction of the Presidential Gulf stream Executive Jet that cost tax payers’ a staggering amount of US$50m. The plane that was purposely bought  to offer more leg room for the corrupt dictator Edgar Lungu reportedly landed at KKIA this week.

This is the same government that removed all subsides and convinced citizens that it would divert such resources into more productive and value addition development ventures. And yet some of those funds are resident in Chitotelas suitcases, Chimense’s mansions, Kaiza Zulu’s private jet, mansions and businesses abroad, Amos Chanda’s mansions and exotic eateries, Yaluma’s mansions abroad, Lungu’s ndozo lodges and casinos and numerous properties and of course  Esther and Tasila Lungu. The list is long and endless.

The Point is that this PF government is a lying, looting, reckless government and is not all pro poor as they always claim to be and  they do not care about Zambian citizens. Cry mother Zambia.

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