Supremacy of the Party prevails as Lusaka mayor is ordered to lift ban on street vending, PF blames UPND.

After a backlash from Lusaka street vendors in typical  ‘people power’ style, PF has been gripped with fear and has flip flopped its street vending non tolerance policy, that saw President Edgar Lungu order the army to drive out the business off the streets of Lusaka last year.

PF Secretary General Davis Mwila yesterday ordered Lusaka City Council Mayor Miles Sampa to immediately cease the Council’s operations against street vending in Lusaka Townships and in their demanted state blamed opposition UPND for the confusion.

Mwila demanded that the Council builds toilets in all streets to allow vendors do their business without disturbances from Council health inspectors and Police. Mwila however didn’t elaborate where the money would come from and how feasible such a program was.

Council swung into action on Wednesday night in Chilenje Township and demolished makeshift structures attracting protests from affected residents.

Mayor Miles Sampa denied ever giving instructions for such an operation and also blamed the Chilenje councillor and opposition UPND for chasing the vendors from the streets. Sampa called for the local government act to be amended so that Mayors are given powers to discipline erring Councillors.

The PF Party has often interfered in Local Government regulations when situations do not favour them. They have taken over much of the running of income generation ventures of local authorities around the country thereby  denying councils the much needed revenue to run their operations and pay wages. In most councils around the country, workers remain unpaid for almost six months.

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