So where is Nawakwi’s ‘gang of four?’

By David Zulu.

Good and valid question isn’t it? Didn’t they come with a bang that was supposed to awaken satan from the gates of hell? The beating of  drum and the clashing of cymbals and the blowing of the Jewish shofar and the Aboriginal didgeridoo that heralded their grand entry to the political colosium quite like gladiators, have all gone eerily quite (ziiii!).

Edith Nawakwi, Wynter Kabimba, Felix Mutati and Sakwiba Sikota SC are individuals that it is claimed once represented Zambia’s crème de la crème, and their appearance at a joint press conference was supposed to cause an earthquake whose tremors and aftershocks would have flattened the freedom statue. The consternation and the political volcanic avalanche would have easily swept away the ostracized white rooster at Chelstone’s Hybrid Round About.

Their language at the press conference bore the hallmarks of the notorious and incongruous Sunday Chanda.The common language that emanated from them was that of those who appeared to or actually was PF ‘rebels for hire’. “The agenda of the Opposition  Alliance is to help a ‘certain’ party to ascend to power in 2021”. This unashamedly is the same narrative that was fraudulently infused in President Mike Mulongoti’s forged statement by Sunday Chanda.

But suppose the Alliance agenda is to unseat the PF, what would be wrong with that Madam opposition FDD President? What then is your agenda as opposition President if it is not to unseat the incumbent?

The quick extinction and disappeareance from the political arena of the Nawakwi Gang of Four is a good lesson to Richard Kachingwe and Andyford Banda, that as long as their agenda is to shield the PF dictatorship, violence, corruption, massive theft of public resources, unprecedented institutionalized tribalism and political arrogance and impunity, they are headed for the political incinerator. (Manda yamwenye)

The people are evidently tired of the PF and anyone who tries to stand in their way against this frustration knowingly or inadvertently, is surely  headed for a political cul de sac.

I have no shadow of doubt that Nawakwi’s ‘Gang Of Four’ may need the resurrection ‘power’ of Pastor Lukau or an injection of more money in their pockets for their voices to be heard again.

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