PF Government Embarrasses Zambia…yet again KAZUNGULA Bridge

Editor’s Choice

In yet another spate of failures bleeps and blunders to make good of their obligations, the PF Government has once again failed to pay its part in the construction costs of kazungula bridge in Southern Province.

The PF government for over six months now has failed to pay the 14 Million Dollars of its portion  towards  the construction of the kazungula bridge between Zambia and Botswana.

Lungu’s counterpart Mokgweetsi Masisi of Botswana, visited the bridge construction site after the contractor Daewoo suspended construction works due to lack of funding on the part of the PF led Zambian Government. Botswana has been honoring its part and on time. The PF Lungu led government on the other hand has once again failed to honour it’s part thereby throwing the whole project in serious jeopardy.

Our investigations show that the PF government typical to their habitual backtracking, have failed to meet part of their deal. Sources within Government have revealed that the PF have run down the treasury due to corruption, misapplication of public resources and their insatiable appetite to steal public resources

Zambians are once more embarrassed by this default by the PF led Government due to wrecklessness expenditure and abuse of public resources which threaten to run the country aground with the possibility of bankruptcy.

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