Zambian Civil Servants Get paid on the 39th day.

lungi-3.4pg.jpgLUNGU for the umpteenth time has delayed paying civil Servants on time while spending lavishly on an unnecessary presidential expenses with a colossal millions of dollars without shame.

Lungu and his minions are basically a bunch of  selfish and egocentric individuals who do not care about the poor and hungry Zambian citizens, but only their bellies and those of their surrogates and girlfriends. Lungu recently purchased a Presidential Jet while the present jet is still in good shape, at a cost of $160 Million. This he did while laying to the public thaty the jet cost less than $70 Million.

Funny looking Lungu has now embarked upon public school children’s P.E lessons covered by his gullible government media and in company of equally gullible aides and surrogates. It is an attempt to hoodwink masses by conducting a futile program to show of his small body mass, to essentially rid himself of excess wine and food funded by overburdened tax payers.

Lungu doesn’t realize his gimmick is an insult to citizens who are too weak to exercise because a good number of them go without food for days because he has messed up the economy through corruption and theft of public resources.

PF Government is broke and Mwanakatwe must walk with a bowed head and with utmost shame. She should just resign than keep drowning herself in uncontrolled beer drinking like her top boss.

Zambia is in for a serious financial melt down while Chitotela, Lusambo,Chimense, kampyongo, Yaluma, Chinese Conterparts, Kapata etc. are swimming with suitcases of money.

Sadly some opposition MPs from the UPND have now been sited in suspicious Lungi 1circumstances mingling, dining and collaborating with the failing PF government leadership because of cash. The same MPs were in the forefront in literally selling the petition. This a red alert on the opposition. These MPs are a mess and are not serving as opposition MPs but as acomplises of failure.

Now in Zambian Civil Servants are being paid on the 39th day of the month as the PF vuvuzelas try hard to divert people’s attention from real issues to their President exercising in the street infront of cameras for heaven knows what.

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