Why UPND cannot Protect its Votes.

Dear Editor, please do not reveal my identity.

I write on the use of campaign funds in the UPND. My heart is heavy on this matter, but am hoping that the message am trying to deliver may be acted on sooner than later. The funds to mobilize youths to protect the votes never reach them and hence the votes are never protected. This is disastrous.

Unless UPND manages the campaign funds well, it shall not be effective in its efforts on the vote protection matter. Kafue was lost due to no vote protection. PF just overrun some key polling stations at will and did as they liked, because there were no youths mobilized to counter that adequately.

The level of selfishness among the upnd officials and those who are entrusted to manage the campaign funds is both alarming and pathetic. It is clear that the leadership may even know this fact, that some MPs are involved in abusing the mobilization resources. Some MPs even go further to actually steal this money.

While Sesheke delivered the desired result, a lot of money was stolen still. This is a fact that Gary Nkombo knows as the back stops on him. MPs donated funds that went missing as just a rational fraction of it reached the ground soldiers. This is sad and discouraging. This must stop immediately for the party to move forward as its name states.

From the campaign profile this is sad, as the people donating these fans have come to realise that a lot of money does not reach the grassroots in UPND. The party needs to change this status core or else the results will ever remain the same.

Sadly no postmortems are carried out succeeding these events. Why is this so? Isn’t this just a sign of failure to manage? History always has lessons to learn from, but the postmortems are shunned because the culprits want to continue the resource abuses. As a government in waiting, UPND must show some seriousness on resource management. How will it tuckle the country’s treasury if seemingly smaller tasks as this one go unchecked?

Everyone including the leadership must be accountable. Masses are sucrificing and there is literally no accountability loop. So many people are tirelessly surrendering and sacrificing the little they have for the party, but do not get satisfactory feedback on usage of the resources. The 250 challenge still remains an open case. No real feedback has been produced apart from defensive counter attacks. The UPND does not need that.

But can UPND manage this cancer now? Can the party show it can govern with a transparent action on resource handling? Can HH stand tall on this matter and show leadership by whipping the seemingly loyal and seemingly dedicated MPs who are literally dining and wining on this matter? Zambians need change and not a new government with the same difference.

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