Davis Mwila – Resign NOW!!

The PF Secretary General Davis Mwila, had indicated to the nation publicly that he would resign if PF did not win the Parliamentary seat for the Roan Constituency in Luanshya. Now that ROAN Constituency has been won by NDC, Davis Mwila must honour his promise to the Zambian people and save both his own image (if at all he has one) and PF’s one and must resign. But as PF’s true DNA of lying stands, it yet to be seen whether Davis Mwila, the CEO for Patriotic Front, can actually honour his own words this time around.

Clearly, the combined efforts of the NDC, UPND and other Alliance partners has yielded this desired result in Roan. In a simialr manner, the PF must be booted out of power come 2021. The rot that has been cultured during the PF tenure in government cannot be tolerated anymore. All freely thinking and honest Zambians must not allow this rot to continue.

Council workers across the country are not being paid their hard-earned salaries over months. Sadly, when they try to air their grievances, PF cadres are charged to disperse them. As though that is not crude and inhumane enough, some poor council workers are even fired from their jobs in the process. Even, Tutwa, whom we thought had some grey matter on issues, sided with a rotten system over the Council workers in Kabwe.

The Post Offices across the country have been closed for weeks now. Mail movement has been greatly disturbed and businesses that that depend on the post office service have halted. All this is due to non-payment of salaries to post office workers. It is the same post office workers who were used to siphon the social transfer funds by the inhumane PF thieves. Bringing a curtain of embarrassment on all Zambians due to thieving PF leaders. So far no one has been found guilty for this worse than apartheid action.

The PF government is really a rot settled in the epicenter of the Zambian government. It is pathetic and sadly myopic too, that Lungu’s clones like Kaiser Zulu, Davis Mwila, Amos Chanda, Jean Kapata, Given Lubinda, Margret Mwanakatwe, Freedom Sikazwe, Steven Kampyongo, to mention but a few, believe that Zambians can be lied to continually without recourse. The lash back from both the Sesheke and Roan Constituencies must vibrate determinately in the PF’s DNA of lying to the masses. PF officials are all bent on amassing wealth from the national treasury.

The Zambian economy, now bleeding with its Kwacha settled at around K12,000 (old Zambia Kwacha) to a US – Dollar fails to show signs of picking up. This is the true Value of the Zambia Money. The economy is failing and PF soldiers on as though nothing wrong is going on in the economic part of the governance while drunk Mwanakatwe tours the world.

We still insist that Davis Mwila must resign. At least some Zambians may believe in PF on this part alone. At least on this one promissory note alone, Davis must honour against the numerous promises that have all been violated so far by the PF leadership.

Cry Mother Zambia.

Be a Better informed Zambia


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