Where are the UPND MPs?

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UPND has 57 MPs in the National Assembly. However, only the voices of the following Members of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa, Douglous Siakalima, Gary Nkombo, Harry Kamboni, Jack Mwiimbu, Mosokotwane Situmbeko and at times Princes Kasune and Mwashingwele are heard occasionally. It seems as though they are the MPs for the entire UPND to be representing all the UPND controlled constituencies. This is certainly off.




Why is it so? Our ear to the ground brings out some of the most disgusting outmaneuver among this lot of opposition MPs who are supposed to carry the burden for all suffering Zambians. Zambia needs change and this lot are supposed to be marshalling their way into office. But are they ready?

Several Schemes to silence newer and other MPs are ubiquitous amidst this group. This does not auger well with the electorate. There are no spokespersons for the MPs in parliament.  Each MP must speak for their constituency in Parliament. Yes, there could be some common agendas for the UPND as a Party. But honestly, all MPs must speak for themselves when in that house. It is almost 3 years since this parliament took off in 2016, but the trend has continued as before.  It appears there is a cartel to silence the would be competitors among themselves especially between the old and the NEW entrants into the house. The status core is not just boring but also pathetic.

Sadly, some of the most prominent UPND MPs have been dogged by issues of un trustworthiness when it comes to resource handling, Gary Nkombo has not only been sighted but also accused substantially abusing campaign funds. Jack Mwiimbu while gone slightly undercover, has been dogged by abuse of legal funds meant for the UPND cases. This trend has brought disgruntlement among the party members.

The worst issue was the selling off of the impeachment motion among the three, Gary Nkombo, Jack Mwiimbu and Douglous Siakalima. Our sources have not zeroed down on Douglous Siakalima’s involvement in this pathetic move, however Jack Mwiimbu and Gary Nkombo literally sold of the impeachment motion to the PF. This is dangerous for Zambia, HH and the Party. Besides both Jack and Gary have served enough terms in parliament and are becoming obsolete to the people they purport to represent. Perhaps them like Lungu whom they interact with indirectly must go come 2021 or earlier. By-elections in both Monze and Mazabuka would be interesting to monitor

Above all this, it is expected that all the 57 voices be heard as they represent 57 different groupings of people in this country. No one MP must be prominent for nothing. The UPND must swiftly commence aligning itself to taking over power. But with the current setup, one wonders whether or not they shall actually manage the greater task ahead of governing the country when they seemingly are not coping well within their circles.

UPND must prove today what they can do tomorrow for the people. Basic issues of abuse of funds must not be part of the discussions. Pettyness must be trashed away and proper objectives setup for their roles as MPs. Currently its understood these MPs shublya and carelessly meet prior to entering Parley just to brushover serious issues. If this trend is true, there is no way they can run a government. One wonders if UPND leader HH meets with his MPs regulary to show possible effectiveness though they were in government. This is a MUST for condensation of ideas and focus on the ball.

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