Who is Running Zambia?

lusambo2.jpgIf Edgar Chagwa Lungu is a humble man, a christian as Joshua Banda propagates, then where does the arrogance he portrays, the total incompetency he demonstrates, the cruelty that he exhibits, the recklessness he floats around, the looting appetite he has demonstrated, the disastrous atmosphere in his governance style through all systems come from? Or is it that someone one or a cluster of bandits have taken over the state? Who then is actually is in charge of the Zambian State of Affairs?

ac1.jpgCould it be that the presidency is also under capture? Could it be like it was in South Africa that a group of known criminals and looters in Zambia like Finley, Kaiser Zulu, Bowman Lusambo, Steven Kampyongo, Amos Chanda, Margret Mwanakatwe, Jean Kapata, Freedom Sikazwe, Sunday Chanda, Chitotela to mention but a few, are over seeing the states affairs of the nation? Could Zambia be back to the situation when Sata was being paraded as a fit and health man when the opposite was true of the man?


Mukula Jean Kapata


Looter Chitotela

There is no correlation between the descriptions of the humble Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the actual status core from the ground up into the governance system. Zambia is slowly becoming a failed state. The whole world can see that except the presidency in Zambia.

MMAnd who sent Margret Mwanakatwe to Bloomberg? What was that all about? A clearly drunk Margret Mwanakatwe embarrassed the entire nation with her show. She was a disaster to say the least. Such destructive stances must be avoided. She has failed to run the financial hub of Zambia. She is a failure. She stands out as the worst Minister of Finance Zambia has ever had after the other known looter and thief Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda (ABC).

If indeed ECL befits the description that his crones says he is, let him prove just one attribute than go around on podiums dancing around in excitement that he has a suck full of stolen and looted monies before a hungry and helpless Zambia citizens.

Cry Mother Zambia

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