Lungu, Where are the 500,000 Jobs?

Lungu promised the Zambian youths 500,000 jobs in 2016. So far there are no tangeable jobs that have been created. Instead, Lungu has been creating more jobs for Chinese prisoners who have flooded the Zambian streets wherever construction is ongoing. MOST RECENTLY even simple drivers of Indian origin have mopped the job market in Zambian.

To try and curb this embarrassment, Lungu has been dishing out hundreds of thousands of Kwacha to the PF cadres who have been demanding meaningful jobs, but are still on the streets.

This un fulfilled promise for the 500,000 jobs, is merely pathetic. Sadly Lungu had no shame dancing and celebrating for having a sack of money in Kafue. Lungu embarrassingly danced for that announcement to the poor Kafue residents.

How heartless is this humble president, how cruel can he get to be? How can one be celebrating that one has a sack of money on a podium to a crowd consisting of hungry, angry and jobless youths?

Bishop Joshua Banda, prove us wrong now, your humble president, whom you squarely promoted by the Christians for Lungu bunch of hypocrites, without feelings for the millions of suffering citizens who are suffering, today you lay bare proved wrong.

JOSHUA Banda and your cronies have sadly aligned yourselves with a wicked government and it is hoped that God shall service your livelihoods fairly. You better repent and be real as regards lives of millions.

You cannot continue to support an aggressively repressive and laying president for your own sakes. Lungu promised 500,000 jobs for youths. He has not delivered that promise. This is just one of the many promises he hasn’t fulfilled. Those jobs have not been provided. Even in the present and PF short term plan the jobs plan does not exit.

While Lungu is useless on that score, it is a shame to have a Finance minister like Maggie Mwanakatwe, whom, while drunk was foolishly embarrassing herself on Bloomberg as regards the Zambian economy. She went on to unleash her clot of ignorance to the world and her total blindness to the real issues on the Zambian economy.

Mutaware either has no clue on what that was about or he is just as ever drunk as his subordinate Maggie and hence no recourse.

Zambia is under siege, Jonathan Mutaware ~ Lungu seems powerless for sure. The imposter Dictator Edgar Jonathan Mutaware Lungu is uselessly occupying the highest office while criminals are flourishing under his nose. By proximity and association he too is a criminal and fraudster.

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