UPND Sleeping Giant

The facts as they stand today, are that UPND won both the 2015 presidential bye elections and the 2016 general elections. It is also factual that both elections were rigged by Kaiser Zulu, Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda, Devis Mwila, Amos Chanda, KBF, Priscilla Isaacs, Esau Chulu as leaders of the Rigging Team.

The vivid case of rigging the 2016 general elections was evidenced by the PF government arrest of Obvious Mwaliteta at city airport when he intercepted the manipulated G12 forms which were in the possession of a non ECZ official in the name of Kaiser Zulu.

Esau Chulu foolishly also announced those results amidst announcing figures from the ceiling like was for Lundazi. This cost Zambians their victory.

UPND appealed to the ConCourt corrupted judges threw the appeal case away on a silly perioid technicality. Shame.

So UPND must awake from its slumber where nothing is done when thefts of victory of votes are plainly conducted by criminals who want to continue using Lungu as a pawn for their continued national assets looting activities.

Lungu had admitted the defeat and had bowed down to relinquish power in 2016, but the shameless old man RB convinced him otherwise at the cost of all peace loving Zambians.

The Sleeping Giant UPND must awake if at all its to rule Zambia. All avenues must be researched and exploited to avoid repeats of the past mistakes.

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