What is Emmanuel Mwamba still doing in SA?

It is really embarrassing that Emmanuel Mwmba after being literally hounded out of South Africa, is still hanging around in that country.

Due to his unbecoming behaviour as the high commissioner there, he was shown the red card. He was more playing the role of a cadre there than that of the representative of the republic of Zambia in SA and he entangled himself in serious dirty political wrangles with the people he should have been representing in a foreign state wonder if he fully understood why he was there.

He is still hell bent on sticking his dirty grubby hands into political issues of Zambia though he is in a foreign land. Our advice to him is – Emmanuel Mwamba please get out and go where you should be. South Africa is too clean for your dirty mudied mind and it is too much of a square for your round mindset. So just leave. You have been an absolute nuisance  to many Zambian that hold divergent views to the worped PF agenda and live in that beautiful country of South Africa .

Just yesterday we got information that you were seen snooping around like a lost goat at the SICC in SA trying to get some information on people that were attending a peaceful meeting that had nothing to do with you but we suppose this is in your nature and DNA. We are told you were snubbed clean and square and rightly so. We know you are a very ambitious but misdirected individual who thinks that you can do whatever you like with impunity together with you PF masters. Let this be known to you here and now that nothing lasts forever and your day will come perhaps even sooner than you think. This is just a friendly reminder/warning.

You have been such a disappointment as our understanding was that your high office in SA was supposed to look after all Zambians regardless of political inclination and not be a certified snoop on your fellow Zambians in another country on behalf of the PF.

So just leave, vamuz, kabiyeni, fumeni mwatusebany and go wherever it is that you are meant to be instead of hanging around like a bad smell to prove your uselessness. Just leave ba Emmanuel and stop embarrassing yourself.

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