Panga for Panga was a GBM idea to Implicate UPND Leaders.

The violent theory of panga for panga (PFP) was a secret well laid out plan generated by the PF and handed over to former UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, to purposely paint Party President Hakainde Hichilema as a violent person with an ultimate  mission to unseat government by force rather than democratically.

When he heard Mwamba advocating for the violent plan on a Radio interview, Hichilema is reported to have been alarmed and  subsequently severely chastised Mwamba for selling such a violent method without consulting him and the rest of the National Management Committee Committee (NMC) members.

The UPND President encouraged UPND supporters to defend themselves from PF thuggery which was  within their constitutional rights, as opposed to taking up arms and going on the offensive. Hichilema thought such a method had potential to cause a spiral of violence and possible civil conflict and also play in the hands of the PF who wanted to paint the UPND as a violent party.

Highly placed sources now say, the plan was hatched by the PF and given to Mwamba as a strategy to convince the International community that UPND was a violent party and that violence was chiefly orchestrated by the UPND. Sources further say, the PF were looking for a reason to round up and lock up UPND leaders and accuse them of wanting to usurp power violently.

As Defence Minister under late President Micheal Sata, Mwamba galvanized fake claims that received unfettered coverage by ZNBC and other Government controlled public media, of a Mau Mau group allegedly calling itself  ‘Tonga under oaths’ which he(Mwamba) said wanted to start a civil war against Bembas.

However President Sata rubbished the claims and warned Mwamba to desist from making claims that could endanger unity and peace in the Nation.

Recently Mwamba resigned from the UPND and rejoined the PF a party which a week earlier he had sworn that he would never join because it was riddled with corruption, cronyism and crookedness. At that time he said be believed that the only person who was better placed to take Zambia to greater heights was the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

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