HH means well for Zambia.

By Koswe.

This is what UPND media is failing let’s help the fools.

HH’s  ranches are giving him and his family billions of dollars on a daily basis. Besides ranches, HH has multimillion dollar businesses accross the world and he does not need your votes so that he can get in and steal or survive like the drunken Edgar Lungu. All HH wants is to liberate you Zambians so that you can fulfil your potential in the financial  world, education, health and life in general with or without being President. HH will never suffer or lack anything. Koswe can prove to you here that HH is a better leader for Zambia that drunken Lungu.

Despite being a billionaire, he opts to receive insults from dundaheards and mentally challenged people like GBM and other PF people his persuit to liberate many Zambians through the United Party for National Development remains stable, focussed and resolute.

If it were others, he would quit politics where insults have become political songs and concentrate on his businesses he has nothing to lose. Zambians will regret wasting time and resources voting for wrong fools as leaders in the name of tribalism at their own peril.

HH is that man who can go and settle anywhere he wants and mind his own business while you suffer like idiots with Edgar Lungu.

After all the damage he has cause thus far, do you really think there will be a country to call Zambia after 2021 elections if Edgar Lungu wins again? What more do you have to go through in order to come to your senses?.  Well keep this post we shall remind you.

Koswe advises HH himself to assemble a powerful Media team to sell him in the language of Zambian politics to counter PF not smart politics like he’s still at university school or in office HH needs to get dirty, he needs to move countrywide, he needs the audience of drunkards, street vendors, jerabos, prostitutes, etc. HH needs to move away from politics of press conferences to field work.

As Koswe predicted yesterday Opposition Alliance are meeting today 10:00 hrs in Kabulonga to talk about NDC attack in Kabwe instead of going to Chibolya or Misisi and have the press briefing there.


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