GBM continues  abusive language on HH, vows to dismantle him in southern province.

By David Zulu  02/05/19

Former UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has heightened his smear campaign against Hakainde Hichilema in the most derogatory,  uncultured manner and in what some shocked Zambians are viewing as the most vicious and disdainful  crusade ever undertaken by a political opponent on another, in Zambia’s recent history.

Mwamba has used every uncomplimentary and slanderous description available against HH, in one narration calling him out as one who can eat human feaces if an opportunity arose to do so.

The former UPND Vice President has fronted  his Bemba ethnic background as a legitimate base with which to launch his scathing and blistering  attacks on Hichilema who he has accused of being desperate and selfish among many charges  without offering tangible or credible insight or evidence.

Mr Mwamba who a week before his defection had flaunted Hichilema and the UPND as most suited to bring Zambia out of the current economic and social impasse,  made a spectacular U turn a week later by insisting that Hichilema or any of his ethnic kinsmen and those from the Lozi tribe would never rule Zambia as long as he lives.

Meanwhile Mwamba has vowed to dismantle UPND in Southern Province and ensure that the PF becomes the Party of choice in the region. He claimed he had thousands of UPND  supporters in the region who are willing to follow him into the PF because he is a political heavyweight.

“I have people in his own home area who love me and are willing to ditch UPND and join the PF. He has touched the ‘untouchable’ and a political heavyweight like me and he will see because I helped him with my own money. We shall use the formula they use and ensure even our own young children vote for Lungu”,  said Mr Mwamba as reported by *News Diggers* this morning.

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has largely stayed out of his former VEEP’s foray opting instead for a brief statement where he  thanked Mwamba and wished him well in future endeavours.

UPND Secretary General Steven Katuka explained that the relationship between HH and GBM went beyond political boundaries into their families and that the UPND President preferred a dignified approach to the whole departure of Mwamba.

“President Hichilema gave a very respectable and dignified message of farewell to the former Vice President which so far has been well respected by Party structures and the Country at large. President Hichilema realises that his friendship with Mr Mwamba went beyond politics and included families of both. That is why Mr Hichilema has been magnanimous by maintaining a respectable distance from the howling and bawling of GBM”, stated Katuka in a statement.

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