“Lungu is always drunk and wasted” Complains OP security staff.

President Edgar Lungu’s love affair with the bottle  is causing a serious rift between him and his senior members of the Patriotic Front Party and the OP officers are said to be increasingly disappointed and worried with Lungu’s  alcoholism.

While the PF has worked hard to politically sustain the Party, tensions arising out of the very different social lives of the people within to continue  affect the PF’s 2021 dream.

President Edgar Lungu reportedly uses his free time to down alcoholic cocktails  beverages accompanied by heavy doses of tobacco. These sessions are more pronounced when president is undergoing political pressure from HH and Kambwili.

The OP security is irked by the presidential lifestyle which is dominated by shisha parties and has made it impossible to engage on state matters. The Vice President Inonge Wina who does not touch cigarettes has inceasingly found it very difficult to freely consult the President amidst a strong onslaught from the opposition.

Sources within the PF’s camp talk of Inonge’s frustration with presidential hotline often going unanswered or when it is answered, finds the president in no condition to engage coherently having been woken up from a drunken stupor.

After receiving intelligence reports that indicated the Supreme Court would invalidate his re-election in 2021, the president retreated to his private State House quarters and hit the bottle hard. The effects of the president’s binge drinking could be seen in the press conference he called.

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