GBM’s Cheap politics and his Toxic ally Alex Chikwanda

The GBM barrage of insults that he is throwing around and the cheap politics he is peddling do not help Zambia. GBM has no real message but just sour grapes emanating from being booted out of UPND due to gross misconduct. It is indeed very odd that a politician of his standing can base his entire political career on fixing others and in this case HH and UPND. Zambia needs development and not personal politics  based on insults and fixing others. Perhaps this so called polical giant has no clue what politics is all about. This indeed is very cheap coming from what we thought was a polically mature individual whoi has turned out to be a political pygmy who finds himself politically challenged. 

GBM bases his popularity on belonging to the Bemba tribe. That is tribalism pure and simple. We very rarely agree with Chilufya Tayali but the other day he summarised GBM as a tribalist and we think Tayali was right. GBM is a tribal individual and it is now clear how he is using tribalism to assert himself and remain relevant in Zambian politics. This will not work as this country is not tribal. There are pockets of it we agree but on the whole we are a united nation that people like GBM are trying to (43)

GBM together with his relative Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda (ABC) are proving to be enemies of the people by trying to peddle Tribalism in a country hat has time and time again rejected it. it is remarkable that though there are 72 tribal grpoupings yet we remain united as Zambia. Tribalism does not take the nation forward and these two men must grow up and realise that they are fighting a loosing battle and that theirs is a very stupid idea. What the two need to realise is that we are all going to die (they are probably closer than most given their ages!) and we need to leave a united country we we have all done our work and departed from tis eath. Do they really want to have the rest of the country against the people from the north? God forbid.

We are relably informed that ABC has recently been involved in several schemes to ensure that a Bemba takes over from ECL. His secret maneauvours are slowly unravelling. The old man and GBM have been busy scheming and planning on how they can prevent anyone other that a Bemba from taking over as president.

It is common knowledge that ECL is unwell and so is Inonge. With both elected persons unwell the presidency could suddenly be up for grabs. While ABC plans and schemes behind the scenes, GBM is the mindless vuvuzela. But sadly the vuvuzela is just blowing hot air and the entire nation can see through his massive frame. He cannot turnish the opposition while peddling tribal politics as a vehicle of gaining popularity.

All who know him well can testify that ABC is a toxic tribalist and he has been calling meetings at his house with other feloow shallow minded individuals whose theme has been that Bembas must mobilse and oust ECL.

However, not all bembas agree with this backward, out of date, primitive and non progressive agenda. The real  true Bemba speaking people shall always be there and like all other tribes, know that Zambia is for all Zambians.

ABC and his Cheap sidekick GBM have only one message and that is to stop the UPND from forming government. How shallow can that be? When GBM was in UPND he had only one Message to ensure PF was removed from government. GBM is clearly a man who does not know his back from his front. From our analysis it would actuall appear that GBM was a burden that the UPND carried along for far too long and they should have damped him a long time ago in order for them to have some political traction. His filthy deals while he was in the PF government are a stench he has failed to shake off and hauted the UPND as long as he remained there.

Truth be told even GBM himself knows that he is irrelevant. After all he even failed to deliver a single thing at the last general elections not even in his so called stronghold of Kasama, not even a councilor. GBM has no content of any substance to deliver to the people of this country and by our reckoning, he is a complete waste of space. On the other hand the old man ABC has taken center stage regrouping other fellow shallow minded individuals under the guise of being bembas who do not see the bigger picture for a better Zambia .

It was not our intention to give GBM a platform as there are more important things to write about but we thought his alliance with ABC and their machinations  should be exposed. Bamudala, get a life and grow up.


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