He was not asked to act as he fled to SA when HH was in Jail.

By David Zulu.

UPND sources cite reports coming through from former UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, suggesting that the Party appointed Mazabuka MP Gary Nkombo a Tonga as acting President instead of him(GBM) when Hakainde Hichilema was incarcerated on trumped up charges, as total nonsense, awfully and factually incorrect, and a desperate and despicable attempt by a grumpy old cowardly politician panhandling for political relevance.

According to the same highly placed sources, it was highly unsual that Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba was strangely left off the hook from the police dragnet when he too was in the HH traffic convoy in exactly the same way as his former boss. In fact his vehicle may have been the one just behind the one carrying HH. They say this alone raises a lot more questions than answers and is a just about fatal smoking gun convicting of GBM of colusion with the perpetrators in a matter that has largely remained unresolved, perhaps until now.

They say most people that were in the convoy were interviewed by Police and some arrested save for the former Vice President who they now claim , it is becoming clear, was part of the  consipiracy spearheaded by a former finance minister in collaboration with the PF to ensure Hichilema is permanently removed from the picture so that GBM becomes leader of the opposition party.

Immediately after the arrest, Mwamba appear to have been given a safe passage to South Africa by the PF and whilst there he inexplicably refused to issue any statements condemning the arrest of HH.Image result for hakainde hichilema gbm images

Zambian residents living in the Johannesburg area arranged a press conference for Mwamba in which it was expected he would denounce the trumped up charges against HH, he agreed but never turned up at the venue of the press conference leaving the organizers, international and local South African journalists in total confusion.

As a result of the strange behaviour by GBM and his suspicious absence from Zambia at a time the Party needed him most, some UPND women stood out and galvanized local and international support in demanding that HH be unconditionally released and also be treated humanely and justly by the Police, prison authorities and government agents.

UPND Chairperson Mutale Nalumango stood tall together with other women hastily arranged a consortium of writers and in collaboration with opposition Alliance partners particularly ADD President Charles Milupi, PP’s late Mike Mulongoti and MMD President Nevers Mumba, released a barrage of daily statements to inform the World of the unjust and barbaric arrest of Hakainde Hichilema by the PF.

The other woman that took the bull by its horns was Mutinta Hichilema who attended various vigils including church services to pray for the release of her husband. Mutinta released a moving  tribute in which she described her husband as a simple villager and cattle herdsman who as a boy treasured roaming the country side a free human being than a prisoner behind bars.

When GBM realised the Party was functioning without his presence and participation, he scrambled for relevance, came out of the woodwork and flew back to Lusaka and begged that statements be drafted for him in support of HH. It was however too late as Zambians generally and UPND supporters realised that the man was not trustworthy, was eating with both hands and had a PF sponsored and sinister agenda against Hichilema.

Insiders believe this was the beginning of the relational crack between HH and GBM coupled by persistent reports that the latter was attempting to secretly create parallel structures around the country.

It is therefore absolutely  fake and shameful for GBM to claim that Gary Nkombo was appointed as acting President instead of himself because of his ethnicity. The same insiders inform us that at no point did Nkombo act as president as there was no vacancy at the level of president. Such wild and preposterous claims by GBM further discredit him and put him in the same grade with the likes of Bowman Lusambo and even below Alex Muliokela who unsurprisingly has a more informed, credible and intelligent perception of politics than the renegade cowardly and motor mouthed former UPND Veep.

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