Sunday Chanda Naivety Exposed

By Chilu Mwenda, Kabwe, Zambia.


I have been closely following Sunday Chanda’s hateful and disdainful write-ups and have arrived at several conclusions. Initially I and my colleagues were swayed to believe that the gentleman man had a heart for Zambia by ensuring his party delivered on the promises they made to the Zambian people, but were surely mistaken.

We have taken some plough through and analysed most of what has become known on social media as his long Shakespearean essays and we came up with a very simplistic understanding of who Sunday Chanda really is.

Sunday Chanda is a pathological and serial liar whose very life is a lie and a fraud. He lives in fear of losing his relevance to those that hold the instruments of power and to maintain his  appropriateness he has to lie continuously and still imitate the truth and walk with his head high and without shame.

Sunday Chanda lives in perpetual fear over his lies and hateful ideologies and works in the overdrive to ensure PF does not lose power for fear of being accountable one day.  Sunday Chanda’s pay masters have been continuously looting public resources to the extent of having no boundaries in criminality, thuggery and cronyism.

They are willing to maim and kill to maintain their hold on power at all costs. Sunday Chanda has lost the moral sense to distinguish right from wrong and it seems like his mental faculties are no longer in existence.

Sunday Chanda no longer uses his brain but his belly to think . If you carefully examine his statements, they are all meant to bring hate and disrepute for HH and his colleagues. He has unfortunately allowed himself to be used by all others hoping to bar HH from standing as a presidential candidate in the 2021 elections.

The statements Sunday issues are all bordering on hate for all those who support the largest opposition party the UPND. He specializes  in promoting chaos, tribal hatred  and destruction of a once peaceful nation.

It is inconceivable that a person of Sunday’s understanding can still be vehemently supporting a system that has failed to display a fraction of discipline at the heart of the executive as cabinet indulges in drunkenness, looting, and committing crimes against humanity.

The staggering amount of $42 Million looted from the  treasury to purchase “fire fighting wheel burrows”, should have sobered him. But Sunday is not moved by such criminality. Even the theft by Chitalu Chilufya through the purchase of ambulances worth $258,000 each, could have recalled his demented senses but to no avail. His mind is dead to reason. Sunday Chanda is blind to all that.

Instead he has chosen to become a natural PF vuvuzela drumming up support for the looting leaders as they line their pockets pockets, while he picks from the crumbs of his masters.

For how long Sunday Chanda, are you going to sink so low? Your associate Antonio has tried to be level headed. How much garbage Sunday Chanda  intends to feed the public is yet unknown.

From our end we ask the questions, what nonsense, what chaos, how low can Sunday Chanda sink? Part of the answer is clear.

We over estimated Sunday Chanda, we now understand his level of reasoning. He is exactly where he stands, that’s why he seems so spend  endless unfocused hateful insults on daily basis. Him and Maggie Mwanakatwe are sides of the same coin. Trying to convince citizens that they are not hungry, that they are well and that universities are open that all is well under the humble able bodied healthy Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Sunday’s analysis should always be bench marked against his level of thinking and his inability to interpret events correctly. As long as money is waved in front of his face he is prepared to sell his Integrity with 30 pieces of silver. This is the Sunday Chanda, he cannot be trusted and should never be put in any public office, because his thinking is toxic and dangerous for Zambia.



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