Its Official The DEN of THIEVES is Reconstituted – Miti is Back


Dr. Miti, the one who was in the forefront with the Kapoko 27 Billion Kwacha theft, the theft which shocked millions of Zambians, is now back as Secretary to the Cabinet. This is surely a mockery for Zambians. The appointing authority is also a sure case of true recklessness in the executive.

Dr. Miti, a Chief Thief, is back under another chief looter with accelerated wealth gain from K2Billion (old currency) to over K22 Billion (old currency) in less than 16 months.

Miti is a chief thief and now he is placed at the helm of the entire government structure. It is also clear that Miti is a Malawian. So the Malawians are here to destroy Zambia like they have destroyed Malawi. So It is official Miti is Back and so the Den of Thieves is indeed in charge of the beloved nation of Zambia. Zambia is basically in trouble.

In the quest of destroying the systems for them to loot better, Maggie Mwanakatwe, in her drunken state, has allowed for the water-tight-Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) system to be replaced by some silly system under the pretext of VAT to Sales Tax migration. This is fraud and is certainly unacceptable.

At this critical juncture in the Zambian ruined economy, appointing a chief thief like Miti is not what Zambia needs. Zambia needs austerity measures to work, but certainly not under one whose integrity is not longer a subject of discussion but a sure case of a wasted case.

This now exposes Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu to be a Joke as president of Zambia.

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