HH on State hit list – High Level Security Source.

High placed security  sources have revealed that the State has authorized an assassination of the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema. The source has therefore  advised his Security detail to elevate his security level to the highest code possible.

The source who agreed to speak only on condition of anonymity says the threat is real and grave and may be carried out in the entire period of the Katuba by election and beyond.

According to the source, the well laid out plan that has reached an execution stage, is to infuse Zambia Army Commadoes into the Zambia Police ranks in police attire.

“These highly trained special forces will join Police normal duties of crowd control with a view to accessing maximum proximity to Hichilema.

Incorporated in the operation are Jerabos who will deliberately cause an altercation with UPND cadres to divert attention of the UPND leader’s security detail.

The commandoes disguised as Police officers will fire in the air to disperse the cadres but in the artificial  confusion, two commandoes will gun down Hichilema. There will be too much gun fire and tear smoke to notice who has shot HH but it will later be claimed as an accident and no one will be held responsible because of the the multiple shooters that will be involved”, narrated the sources.

A fake commission of enquiry will be set to appease the Zambian people, but it will all come to naught.He gave the example of the slaying of Mapenzi Chibulo and that of Vespers Shimuzila as a case study where no police was held responsible.

The source explains that the PF has reached a dead end in their efforts to stop Hichilema from appearing on the 2021 ballot papers after an apparent unsuccessful attempt in the Government imposed NDF, that received no support from the people.

According to the source, the Forum was solely targeted at the UPND President who Government had hoped would have forbidden his MPs from participating, thereby attracting a jail sentence that would have technically knocked him out from contesting in the Presidential election.

The other clause that has since fallen through was of a possible PF Coalition with a small party to keep Hichilema away from the reigns of power.

The source further revealed that the PF has realised that they have absolute no chance to win elections in 2021 even if they manipulated the vote because the headroom in which to rig is getting smaller as the people’s rejection of Edgar Lungu is outstripping the margins in which Government would rig.

“The Malawi electoral rebellion has completely unstettled President Edgar Lungu and inorder to win in 2021 he would have to rig the whole country, which is practically impossible and would in any case  cause a rebellion within the Military rank and file that has grown increasingly uneasy with the President”, stated the impeccable source.

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