How PF missed an oppotunity to redeem themselves on the NDF

By David Zulu.

PF strategists are full of hot air and are masters of absurdity. Instead of seizing a once in a life time opportunity to claim a good slot in the art of statecraft, they chose to waddle in a pool of bloops and blunders that they are infamously known for.

True to the biblical idiom of the ‘power of the tongue’, their bizzare ideology of Dununa reverse clearly manifested. Procrastination is a deadly game in the art of politics. If you do, you better find a good reason so that you are still able to walk the streets with your head high.

When President Barack Obama lost the two houses of Congress to his rivals, the Republicans, he was brave and magnanimous enough to tell the American voters, “I hear your voice loud and clear.  You have spoken and I will attend to your concerns in the shortest possible time”.

The PF went to the Copperbelt to claim victory over what was clearly a lost battle. Their noses were bloodied bruised and their faces puffed up.They were down and timed out by the referee’s 10th count, but they staggered and stood up and cheered themselves for a ‘well deserved win’. What manner of nonsense is that?

Like Mr Bean writing himself a Christmas card,  dropping it in his mail box, fetching it a few minutes later and thereafter gleefully and  loudly applaud the sender (himself).

Had PF told the Zambian people especially the Civil Society Organizations and the opposition that ‘we hear you, we are dropping the whole process as we ponder what we should do next’. They would have been respected. How does the hand reject it’s own fingers that write? How does the leg say to the toes, “you have no ties to me”, or the mouth to the tongue, “you don’t belong here”.

PF have proved yet again that they are the masters of absurdity and procrastination. A bunch of clueless bafoons that have no idea whether they are coming or going. They make Mr. Bean look like a genius. Karma is nigh and sure to claim her rightful place in the rank and file of the PF sooner than later.

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