Major Ngulube Assembles HH Assasins

As reported two weeks ago, the PF have authorized a team of Zambia Army Commandoes to assassinate UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

Hichilema remains the single biggest threat to their hold on power and the only way to stop him is to kill him, our sources revealed to us then.

We reported that the Commandoes would infiltrate the ranks of the Zambia Police, particularly the riot squad whose duties is crowd control. The Commandos would wear Police uniform to obtain close proximity to HH to stop an altercation deliberately caused by PF Jerabos dressed in UPND attire.

These Jerabos would cause deliberate pandemonium near the platform where HH would be addressing a rally and the Commandos in Police uniform would close in to ‘stop’ the fight but in the process would discharge a smoke bomb to reduce visibility after which two special forces personell would gun down Hichilema under this smokescreen.

There would be too much gunfire much of it directed in the air to really notice who’s killed the UPND leader.

Zambian Watchdog can now reveal that the operations officer commanding the assassination squad is a Major Ngulube from the Zambia Army Commando Unit.

The Zambia Watch Dog will reveal the rest of the names of the assassins in due course.

The PF have been informed by the Intelligence Community that their chances of winning the 2021 Presidential election are between little chance and no chance at all. The PF had banked their popularity on the Chinese infrastructure development agenda which has backfired against the backdrop of poverty and unprecedented hunger levels that have reduced most Zambians to an income of less than one American dollar a day.

The infrastructure development has ironically promoted an elitist agenda of posh high rise buildings and expensive highways which only the PF affluent drive on in expensive state of the art 4 × 4 SUVs. This wealthy projection is resented by the majority Zambians who are barely surviving on one meal per day.

The flaunting of power and wealth through huge donations by PF Ministers to churches and their Constituencies and the high levels of intolerance to divergent views, has worked well for Hichilema who is poised as the top contender for the Presidency in 2021 and it seems PF propaganda and rigging are increasingly looking unlikely to stop him. The PF hawks mostly from the Northern regions of Zambia view the bullet as the only option to stop the UPND leader.

Special Rapporteur

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