HH Assassination Plot Not a Joke

hakainde-hichilemaThe plans to assassinate UPND President Hakainde Hichilema are no longer just an old woman’s tale.

It is a serious plot that involves a well trained and highly motivated force of Zambian Commandos that will be well rewarded. The team consists of about 10 assassins that have been assembled by One Major Ngulube who is currently at Kamwala military staff college.

Major Ngulube is currently coordinating the plan and has been availed huge sums of money to pay the selected killers who have been named as Staff Sergeant Sinkala and Staff Sergeant Banda Kanfumu from I Commando Unit another yet to be named Colonel.

Ngulube has been availed with a brand new unregistered BMW X 5 that will not stop at any road block. The Major has been granted a licence to kill by President Edgar Lungu who has recently been talking about dialogue with Hichilema to mask the real plans to kill the opposition leader.

State House has availed K700,000 for each killer as a reward after the mission’s successful execution of the plan.

The named Commandos are currently missing from their station in Mbala where they are supposed to be attending a refresher course.

The works to ensure HH is stopped from entering State House are intensive. In the same breath a total of 6 UPND MPs and some 4 influential Party leaders are targeted for  elimination before 2021. On the MPs K400,000 has been placed per life.

While politics are perceived as a mere vehicle to ascend to the helm of power, the level to which the current PF regime government are taking the Zambian politics is alarming and totally unacceptable. The current tension and schemes to eliminate innocent blood to stay in power is unfathomable and must be condemned by all peace loving Zambians.

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