Unsolved Crimes in Zambia!

Several crimes have gone unsolved in mother Zambia during the PF Regime as they purport to govern. This is partially due to the non performing home affairs ministry in its entirety and ofcourse the failed Executive arm of Government.

So far in Zambia we don’t know who is responsible for the following crimes:

1-Who murdered Ruth Mbangu ?

2-Who murdered Mapenzi Chibulo?

3-Who killed Vespers Shimuzyhila ?

4-Who burnt City market ?

5-Who burnt COMESA market ?

6-Who burnt Kamwala market ?

7-Who burnt Chisokone market ?

8-Who is the owner of 48 flats ?

9-Who in reality owns the 48 flats?

10-Who is the owner of 49 mansions in FIC report?

11-Who stole malaria drugs from Ministry of Health?

12-Who else, apart from kabanshi, misused the Social Cash Transfer ?

13-Who is behind massive looting behind the 1.2 Billion Dollars Ndola – Lusaka 300km Dual Carriage Way construction?

But atleast we have an idea on the following:

-Who cut the electricity pole in Mbabala constituency. Known PF cadre.

-Who store UTH Malaria Drugs? Dr.Chitalu Chilufya

-Who stole fire tender money? Soko and several other PF Ministers plus cadres.

-Who stole Ambulances kick backs? Dr. Chitalu Chilufya.

-Who slapped given Lubinda? Known PF cadres

-Who pounced a police station with loads of illegal guns in katuba by-elections? Known PF cadres.

-Who almost grounded a helicopter in shiwang’andy during the 2016 general elections campaign period? Steven Kampyongo and his cadres.

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