Lungu Fooling Zambians on 48 Houses – Nalumango

UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango has castigated President Edgar Lungu for playing a mind game on the Zambian people on the continued impasse of who owns the 48 plush mansions in the Chalala area of Lusaka.

Speaking in a Pan African Radio ‘News Feedback’ programme yesterday evening, Mrs Nalumango said that it was embarrassing that Mr Lungu who has the institution of the Presidency at his disposal, can claim ignorance of such a matter when the Financial Intelligence Centre had raised a red flag well before the Anti Corruption Commission’s declaration of its purported failure to determine ownership of the houses.

“Whenever there is a crisis in the nation, the PF is good at raising a lot of dust to create chaos to confuse the people, and then attempt to offer solutions in a bid to cover up their tracks on their deep involvement in corruption. It is embarrassing that Lungu, who by virtue of the Presidency is aware, can now say he doesn’t know when there is so much information at his disposal”, said Mrs Nalumango.

The UPND Chairperson scoffed at Mr Lungu’s belated instruction to Steven Kampyongo describing the Home Affairs Minister a total joke and that Zambians should not expect anything from him.

“Lungu dismissed the FIC report which first identified the problem and called its findings as a witch hunt against his government. He now instructs Steven Kampyongo to investigate, investigate what? This makes the whole investigation null and void. How do you investigate something you had earlier dismissed as a hoax and a witch hunt?”, wondered Mrs Nalumango.

Mrs Nalumango suggested that Mr Lungu was a lame duck President and was abdicating his duties to fight corruption which had become institutionalized because the President had a hand in it.

“The Presidency is key to fighting corruption but when you have someone whose asset declaration jumps from K2 million to K23 million in less than two years, then that tells you something. Very soon we will have a lot of abandoned houses around the country”, charged Mrs Nalumango.

Mrs Nalumango urged Zambians to vote for the UPND because the party had an agenda to use public resources prudently.

“Under the UPND, the ACC, FIC and the Zambia Police will operate by law rather than by instruction from the President or Ministers and their findings will be respected”, stated Mrs Nalumango.

Meanwhile Mrs Nalumango has demanded that the abandoned houses must not be sold but be given to teachers and doctors who cannot afford expensive housing.

“The houses must not be sold because the same thieves who have so much stolen wealth will buy them. Instead let them be given to teachers and doctors who cannot afford expensive accommodation”, said Mrs Nalumango.


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