Lungu – Worst Tribalist

Zambians are clearly fatigued by President Lungu’s characterizing of ethnicity as a basis for accessing the Presidency.

Mr Lungu presides over the most corrupt government in the history of this country and his attempt to hide his incompetence behind the tribal trump card is clearly not going to work anymore.

If President Hichilema is not a suitable candidate because Mr Lungu feels he is not patriotic enough, whatever that means, how come the PF has lost three successive parliamentary by elections in the recent past? This alone places Mr Lungu unqualified to write off any Zambian especially Mr Hichilema as the next President of Zambia.

Mr Lungu’s admission that he has sprinted government out of resources because of unplanned development guided by lack of strategic conception, underscores his failure as President and CEO of government.

His hollow condemnation of the Luvale/ Lunda ethnic crisis while in the same breath championing for tribalism in the Presidency, is a mockery to decency and an insult to the collective intelligence of Zambians.

Let Mr Edgar Lungu find the owner of 48 houses and reduce the prices of mealie and fuel. Perhaps he may fool a few people thereafter, but let him keep off from President Hakainde Hichilema.

*Patrick Mucheleka*
Deputy Secretary General

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