Chilufya Chitalu Chief Looter

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Born on July 15, 1972, a medical Doctor married to Mutinta Mudenda, a Doctor too and currently *Director at Malaria Control*, whose promotion came as a result of Chilufya being a Minister. They have two kids together.

Chilufya was Deputy Minister of Health between 2015 to 2016 and got appointed to full cabinet Minister in the same Ministry which he served till today and he is Member of parliament for Mansa Central.

*Now here are cases at ACC and details*

√ Between 2015 to date, 16 reports of him have been received by ACC. 2 of these have not been investigated as there was no corruption. But the rest were investigated or are still under investigation.

√ 5 of the investigated have been closed under unclear and highly suspicious circumstances as he is good at bankrolling people with dollars that he has aquired from shoddy deals and bribes.

√ 5 are till under investigations at various stages though he is trying really hard to sabbotage this process using huge sums of money.

√ 4 of these have been completed with overwhelming evidence found BUT the man has not been arrested without an explanation from the ACC.


1. *Abuse of authority, Corrupt Practices and Concealment of property*

He has acquired a lot of properties(Real estates) in Lusaka, Mansa and Copperbelt. Most of these were built by China Civil Engineering Construction. This is a Chinese Company that get tenders for construction of Hospitals in the project to upgrade Clinics to First level Hospital. Prices were inflated for selected rural Health Centres. The project started when he was Deputy Minister. The recent Lot of properties are the 12 flats along Kafue Road. Apart from the 12 flats, he also received two high value motor vehicles. The company also renovated Henry Courtyard Lodge in Mansa. This same company got contracts to construct 650 Health Posts country wide, Dr Chilufya got millions of dollars in cuts from both contracts and there was no value for money because the contract prices were highly inflated.

2. *Abuse of Authority, Corrupt Practices and Concealment of Property*

With clever Siame Mpoha, Propriator of Savenda Management Services, Savenda was given a contract to supply Ambulances at bloated Prices. The difference was shared between Mpoha and Chilufya. They also lied that over 200 people would be trained in operating and maintaining these Ambulances. It has not been done till today.

3. *Abuse of Authority and Conflict of interest*

Using proxy companies, he has been supplying to MOH and medical stores . He has also been using some Pharceutical Companies to supply and in turn these companies have paid him huge sums of money in kickbacks. He has taken over procurement unity of Ministry of Health. *All these cases have been fully investigated by ACC and by now they should have arrested the man but to know avail..*

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