The Zambian Failed Economy

The Zambian economy has basically failed. All economic indicies show a nose-diving trend contrary to what the PF mouth pieces sing on daily. It is now evident that more than ever before, the PF government is the worst government that has ever presided over Zambians. The PF Executive arm of government has the most greedy elements Zambia has ever had.

All legitimate reports show that the economic performance for Zambia is poor. The level of corruption is so grave in the country. In 2018 alone Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) reported that over 420 Million US dollars were lost to possible corrupt acts.

The lifestyles of perpetrators also show in their lives. The lavish lives they lead at the expense of poor Zambians.

The PF agenda of pushing infrastructure development whilst looting the national treasury is not progressive but has become the massacre of a nation. The PF media have gone flat out to deceive Zambian while this cancerous scourge is on going. This lie and total abuse of Zambians trust by the PF is a sorry hearing.

The PF has generated the worst caderism that Zambians have ever witnessed. While Bowman-Ni-Bomb with his colleagues, were just mere MMD cadres and now in Perfect Fools company, they were then a lot civil as compared to the tragedy Zambians faces today from PF cadres.

The bunch of cadres today, are the most ruthless Zambia has ever seen, further the PF has the worst President (ECL) that Zambia has ever had and under his leadership the most useless, unfocused, uneducared and myopic set of Cabinet ministers that Zambia has ever had.

The mess the PF have attained in running down the country Zambia is evident everywhere anyone looks. Almost all sectors Health, Education, Home affairs, Justice, Defense, Local government etc. are all failing. There is now no thread of doubt that Zambia is at its lowest point of economic performance.

Despite all this, in total amazement, the so called educated economists have now stooped so low in their profession that their squeued understanding analysis is synonimous with belly-economics. A very sad realisation in that profession.

The exchange rate of the Zambian kwacha to the dollar has plamated by over 100% since the RB reign in 2011 and it has exposed the poor PF government policies to the level where they can no longer hide it. Sadly the looting amidst the PF elite continues (Kapata, Kampyongo, Lusambo, Lungu, Sikazwe, Chitotela, Kaiser Zulu).

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