What PF’s Bill 10 Will Do !!!

Bill 10 is nothing but a selfish PF Executive’s move to hold onto power so that they can further rape and ruin mother Zambia and bury it alive. The resultants from Bill 10 if allowed shall derail Zambia and Zambians as summarised below;

• It takes away the Retirees Pension security completely.
• It seeks to introduce back the wasteful position of Deputy Ministers for political mileage.
• It seeks to introduce Coalition Government based on minority back door entrance to siege presidential powers and the presidency.
• It seeks to keep MPs and Cabinet Ministers in Office until General Elections day, for then to further exploit the national treasury in their campaigns.
• It seeks to reduce the elections Campaign period to deprive Zambians from the right to learn more of the political scums and schemes
• It seeks to kill the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC, FIC, FIC) so that the national treasury looting is maximised without checks and balances, to have more houses without owners, more fire tenders at even higher prices than the alarming $1Million each already,  more ambulances which cannot be delivered (Chilufya has not yet brought the ones he bought at $258,000 each to date).
• It takes away the Function of Bank of Zambia to issue the currency of the Republic and over see money bills printing controls.
• It seeks to remove Parliamentary Oversight on public debt contraction and approval of international agreement, so they can borrow more from unorthodox lenders and then steal the same money more than they already are doing from the people of Zambia.
• Generally it gives excessive Powers to the President and his Cabinet to do as they like in manipulating the country’s resources for their own good and not the masses.

kampyongo 3dora


Mukula Jean Kapata



Only well defined criminals including but not limited to Kampyongo, Bowman the self confessed chief boot l**er to Lungu, Dora Siliya, Mabumba the sly priest, Nkuwa, Jean Kapata, Olipa Airlock Phiri, Nkandu Tasinta Luo, Chitotela the chief looter, Given Slaps Lubinda, Father Fredson Sikazwe, Chris Yaluma and Bo Inonge to mention a few can stand up without thinking twice because of who they are, and vote for the criminally framed Bill No. 10 in total disregard to all advice and concerns for the have rejected.

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