State House and Lungu Scheme to Incriminate HH for Treason

Government sources reveal that a bizarre plan to falsely link some opposition leaders to six foreigners and their aircraft which was allegedly intercepted in Lusaka early this week, has been hatched by the owner of the ‘Daily Nation’ Newspaper Richard Sakala and the PF, but State House appear displeased and quickly debunked the story with thinly veiled threats of arrest to the Newspaper’s reporters, who broke the news.

According to insiders familiar with the investigations, the Daily Nation may have let the cat out of the bag too early, leaving State House embarrassingly scrambling for a cover up, because the Newspaper may have prematurely blown the fake story.

The confusion of the clumsy enterprise appear heightened by the fact that State House seems to be leading the investigations rather than the Police, Immigration Department or the Zambia Air Force whose ambit such activities fall under.

“The State has taken note of the lead story in the Daily Nation edition of Wednesday, October 2, 2019, suggesting that six foreigners and their aircraft have been detained in Lusaka. The State is following up with the originators of the article so that they help with the veracity of the story. So far the story cannot be substantiated with fact, and therefore those with information on the matter should help by availing such information to the State”, read a terse statement dated 2nd October and signed by State House Press Secretary Isaac Chipampe.

As a follow-up to the embarrassing turmoil, the Daily Nation in turn released a one paragraph statement with headline ‘State House probes Daily Nation’ in which they appear to have acknowledged the investigations on their reporters.

“State House is investigating a Daily Nation story of six foreigners and their aircraft believed to have been detained in Lusaka”.

Early this week the Daily Nation published a story in which they claimed that the Zambia Air force had intercepted and diverted an aircraft with six foreigners, from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, to the Zambia Air force base in Lusaka’s Long Acres area, where occupants of the plane were allegedly detained.

The Newspaper further claimed that security personnel found a stash of multiple foreign currencies labelled with names of recipients who it is claimed are Zambian opposition and NGO leaders, allegedly from their foreign donors that support homosexuality.

According to the Daily Nation report, the cash is meant to aid the opposition unlawfully take over Government and replace it with a puppet Western aligned administration that embraces liberal policies that include abortion rights.

Both ZAF and National Airports Corporation sources have unequivocally dismissed reports of a foreign plane with six crew members that has been detained. They pointed out that all aircraft parked at KKIA and ZAF are visible to a naked eye and that there was no such a plane.

Commentators believe Richard Sakala’s Daily Nation has screwed up a well laid out plan calculated to implicate President Edgar Lungu’s political archrival and sworn enemy UPND President Hakainde Hichilema, with treason and the possibility of keeping him away from the 2021 Presidential elections.

PF has been carrying out a sustained fake news campaign in which they falsely accuse Hichilema of advocating for gay and lesbian rights. The homosexuality narratives by the Daily Nation appears to be an attempt to concoct an alibi against the opposition leader by the paper, over a false PF story of his alleged advocatism of same sex marriages that was trashed by the AFP. This appear to have led to an embarrassing cock up and inadvertent miscommunication between PF and Richard Sakala that appears to have left the ruling party in a quandary.

Government sources disclose that the balls – up, bleep and blunder governance culture of the PF on security matters appear to underscore and expose a disjointed relationship with the Zambian Intelligence Community whose proffessional advice they often throw in the trash bin.

“The PF want to patronize the Intelligence agencies like a Boys’ Scout Movement and want to treat them like a wing of the Party. As a result of this poor relationship, the Intelligence has been dangerously demotivated and no wonder there has been a demonstration of botched and bungling fuck ups at State House recently. This debacle of mercenaries’ plane loaded with cash is an embarrassing flop that exposes these guys of who they really are, a bunch of snake eating wrecks and amateurs who don’t know which way is up. They are seeing imaginary planes and failing to find owner of 48 houses”,said the anonymous source.

“Systems have really broken down. Most shushusis say they have given up in advising these guys. They would rather listen to cadres than professionals”, said another government source.

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