Should Snake Eating Lungu take us for Prayers?

Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu shocked Zambians by eating a snake at the most recently passout Zambia Army special forces refresher training course in Mbala.

Chagwa ate a snake in daybroad daylight, at the the recent passout session of the refresher course for the commandos, as Zambians watched in total owe of that demonic act.

While dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu is the Commander In Chief (CIC) of the armed forces, it is also a well known fact that, he himself is not a soldier. The default status of CIC does not miraculously convert Chagwa Lungu into a soldier. So he himself did not need to eat a snake at all.

This diabolic behaviour of a now self confensed satanist undresses the demon captured Lungu of who he really is. Lungu has certaily proved to be a visionlesss character who has ruined the Zambian economy without any thread of doubt or fear. It is clear why, he is demon possessed and he does not mean well for Zambians.

Chagwa now shows signs of a real satanist, going around eating snakes as though it was a celebrated act. How then can he, as leader of a christian nation, bowing down to demons as proven, at the same time, be at the helm for christian praying? The two acts are in different worlds and are mutually exclusive.

Lungu and his minions must go a offer sacrifices openly to their master, the devil himself. They should not compel Zambians to attend the fake day of national prayers on 18th October 2019. This demonic humble leader must stop hoodwinking Zambians, by forcing them to pray while he exhibits demonic traits.

Presiding over the most corrupt cabinet Zambians have ever witnessed, presiding over a starving citizenry without meaningful mitigation, rapidly crushing the economy to a halt, escalating the cost of living including the essentially needed mealie meal un deterred, Lungu with his useless economists and the national-treasury-looting-family may support such a disggraceful and failed leader in Prayers.

It is time for Zambians to redeem themselves of this burdensome, uncaring fake humble dictator. Idi Amin Dada ate everything, now Lungu is following through such steps un destructed. It is a common philosophy for dictators to do crazy things like eating snakes in their quest to show superhuman strength.

Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu is also a well known fraudulently elected president. Now he is pushing his luck to extremes by taking Zambians for granted. It is time for Zambians to free themselves of this catastrophic leadership. Zambians deserve better. They do not need a visionless, snake eating disgusting dictator.

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