Francis Muchemwa the known PF Killer Cadre on the Loose !

The PF known thug by the name of Francis Muchemwa, commonly known as America 2, is a killer. He in less than two days ago killed an innocent citizen in cold blood just for being a UPND supporter. Muchemwa killed Gaddafi with two-point blank gun shots to “Gaddafi’s” head. Gaddafi did not survive this ruthless act. America 2 now looms the streets freely while the security forces watch.

While Lungu on one hand is speaking peace peace and possible dialogue, on the other hand the Dictator has launched thugs on all dissenting voices in the country to scare away opposition members. Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu has not even said anything significant to curb the gun political violence he has since promoted from January 2015 when he became president.

By transmission, Lungu himself is also a killer. He under his rule has brutally sent police attacks on citizens like Mapenzi Chibulo who was killed by Zambia Police, Grazier Matipa killed by PF thugs, Shimuzyila killed by the Zambia Police and now Gaddafi killed by a PF known cadre by the name of Francis Muchemwa.

Lungu is the cause of violence, Kampyongo and Mwila fund the violence, while the rest of the ruling party MPs incredibly support these acts as they have not indicated anything contrary even in parley. There is some information that Kampyongo and Mwila could be training more thugs somewhere on Zambian soil. This is pathetic.

The people shall triumph, Zambia shall be saved and one day the true citizens meaning well for all shall emerge. This cannot just be tolerated, its ridiculously off key. Cry mother Zambia.

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