Day of National Prayers a Mockery – ECL

The Snake Eating Dictator (SED) Edgar Chagwa Lungu, declared the 18th day of October as the day for National Prayers for all Zambians.

The Snake Eating Humble Leader, alongside with several other fake Zambian Bishops, Reverands and Pastors together hoodwinked Zambians into national prayers as they facilitated the raping and looting of the Zambian national resources. In 2018 alone, FIC states that over $420million may have been misappropriated through corruption.

Clearly the Day for National Prayers is now just a pure Mockery before God and among Zambians. The once excited Bishops, Reverands, Pastors and all the Clergy that celebrated the act must be ashamed for fronting this Snake Eating Dictator as a Humble Leader.

The needed resolve now is to alleviate poverty among Zambians. One cannot lead in prayers while presiding over a looting regime of the national treasury and hope that the economy shall pick up by miracle. It is an embarrassing thing to lead in prayers while stealing from the very people you purport to lead humbly. Just two of many facts:

Fact: Lungu could barely afford the K20,000 nomination fee in the 2015 by-elections. Barely 18 months into office, Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu declared a whooping $22million worthness. The chap stole so swiftly and so cunningly that Zambians were left in awe.

Fact: Chitalu Chilufya was a mere cheap deputy Minister with a sober livelihood prior to 2015, now the man moves with chunks and sacks of money all over. He is believed to be owner of Mansa Hotel and the 49 houses (not the 48 houses for Tasila). He has fat bank accounts as Public Servant in a ministry where availabilitty of drugs in hospitals is today just a mere story. He PRESIDED over the procurement of ambulances at a reddiculouss price of $258,000 each He has also been firing and sidelining all senior doctors since he is a mere GP.

Fact is that, now the Snake Eating Dictator is too skewed to lead in national prayers let any prayers at all. Lungu has presided over the most corrupt and the most distructive government Zambians have ever witnessed. It would be mocking God to pressure government workers to attend meaningless national prayers. Even the devil himself may be shocked by ills the purported humble leader has brought among the Zambians.

The National Prayer day is meaningless without bringing to the table serious reformatory acts before God.

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