Zambia is Becoming a Police State

The PF led government is slowly turning Zambia into a Police State. The government is arming the police mobile units to the teeth as though Zambia had an internal war. The 2020 national budget outlay indicates that, of the available 10% allocation for all ministries, a substantial portion of the national budget is directed towards Public Order mitigation. Health and Education sectors literally just getting crumbs of it.

Lungu hopes to chill and charge onto the Zambian Citizenry, a well armed police force in order to enhance a repressive status. However, both the combined political and economic pointers are too loud to be ignored that show that the Snake Eating Dictator (SED) Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the PF, cannot win an election on an even electoral platform.

What the PF forgets is that people power is greater and more resolute than force and or gunpowder. Either Lungu’s advisors are complete idiots or the complete looting regime is too blind to accept the facts as are.

Sadly, even the young and once thought level headed persons like counsel Tutwa, Nkhuwa, Mwale to mention but a few, seem to now support PF’s carelessness in doing things. The utter rubbishness such as the Bill 10 nonsense, the looting of national resources without recourse through never ever experienced outrageous blotted procurements, lavish living among public servants including politicians among the poor, no serious regard for the current hunger status etc. This is totally worrying and misleading.

The high cost of living for the majority of Zambians is what shall boot out the PF Regime and nothing else. The insensitive PF’s modus operandi in running the affairs of the nation is the greater catalyst for PF’s own removal.

The PF regime must blame itself for falling away from being propoor to being self centerd as proven by the looted wealth among several PF cadres including, Chitalu Chilufya, Chitotela, F.Sikazwe, Chimese, Yaluma, Kampyongo, Lusambo, Kaiser Zulu, Tasila Lungu, Amos Chanda, Dora Siliya, Jean Kapata, Nkhuwa to mention the top few.

Zambians are tired of the uselessness exhibited by the PF led government. It is time to revamp Zambia and cleanup the mess the PF has littered all over. LP Mwanawasa (SC) led the way previously after late FTJ messed up. It is doable because the Zambians deserve better.

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